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Inside you’ll find information on the various musical projects that may have led you to this site. I hope you’ll get a better idea of what’s going on in my musical life or find out how I may be able to provide entertainment for you or your event. I have worked with so many talented and accomplished musicians over the years and as you look through these pages you’ll find reference to them spread throughout. Being able to assemble these different personalities and talents for different events and concerts is a very rewarding and successful element of what I do as a musician and entertainer. It also makes for a hell of a good party wherever we go….

Make sure you check out the Songs and Songwriters page. This is a terrific show put together with fellow songwriter Kenny Munshaw. It allows us to perform a mix of our own songs as well as some of the greatest songs of the last few decades, interspersed with the fascinating stories behind them. Our latest endeavour with this project is a series of shows called “Melodies and Merlot” done in partnership with a number of fine Ontario wineries. I hope you’ll join us for an evening at one of these.

Please take a moment and connect with me through the contact page before you leave.

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