Black Water Draw

Black Water Trio

The Trio is a subset of the very popular band Blackwater Draw. As such they have always performed with the philosophy of creating an unforgettable evening everywhere they go. With over 20 years experience working together they are able to quickly and effectively arrive at the right mix of songs, tempo and audience rapport for any event. It’s not unusual to have the audience singing (and screaming!) along, beer glasses waving in the air, just like a university pubnight…. or totally relaxed enjoying the sounds of a beautifully crafted 3 part vocal treatment of a classic song. During any evening or show with “the Trio” you’re bound to recognize and love all of the material they play, much of it vocal driven such as the CSNY, The Eagles, The Beatles, as well as many current songs and sounds like Mumford and Sons, Philip Philips, KT Tunstall, Amanda Marshall and Serena Rider to name a few.

Whether the event is corporate, festival stage, wedding, or even pub night, their show is highly interactive, highly energetic and impossible not to enjoy.

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