Songs and Songwriters

Songs & Songwriters

Fred Hale and Kenny Munshaw

Kenny Munshaw and Fred Hale are joined by long time friend and fellow songwriter Steve Hogg. The trio captures a blend of original and familiar songs in an intimate 90 minute concert celebrating the great singer songwriters of our time. Their sophisticated yet earthy and simple style integrates the works of singer songwriters like Van Morrison, James Taylor, Elton John, Billy Joel and more. You’ll hear great stories behind the songs as you experience the soulful piano style of Kenny Munshaw, the acoustic based roots-blues guitar of Fred Hale combined with the seasoned sound of veteran musician Steve Hogg. These exceptional musicians will take you on a journey that is both humorous and captivating as they bring ownership to the songs everyone knows and loves.

Kenny Munshaw

Kenny Munshaw

Anyone who has seen or heard Kenny sing and play piano will agree he is an exceptionally gifted performer. Soulful, heartfelt renditions of song after song characterize his performances. That plus a long list of loyal fans right across the country tells you that Kenny Munshaw is one of a rare breed of unforgettable musicians.

The son of remarkable jazz pianist, Marvin Munshaw, a life of music is all Kenny has every known or ever wanted. And it shows. Kenny’s first big break came at 19 when he penned a tribute to the great Terry Fox titled “Ode to Terry” but more commonly referred to as “The Terry Fox Song”. It received national recognition charting at radio stations across the country.

In the early 90’s Kenny’s was signed to Universal Records and recorded the album Human Condition. In Kenny’s words “it is a collection of observations and conditions that I have encountered during the course of my life…some of the songs such as “Sun Comes Up” and “Cold, Cold Night” (the first single) are very personal.” Personal or not Canadian Radio embraced the album whole heartedly sending 4 songs into the Country’s top 40.

Currently Kenny is signed to AKA/EMI Records Canada and has just completed his much anticipated record “Time Tells All”. A brilliantly crafted album of songs he has written over the last 10 years.

Fred Hale

Fred Hale

Born and raised in small town Ontario, Fred began his music career as the guitar player in a rock and roll band in high school. Unsure of the band’s future, he left music to study business at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. However he found that his musical calling was not to be silenced and soon after graduating returned to the world of music, gigging full time at nights and studying jazz guitar and voice during the day.

He began a band with (now wife) Janet Hale called Blackwater Draw. They recorded an album in 1993 and released a single called ‘ In the City’. The tune was heralded by local radio stations and was on their weekly top 20 Canadian songs list for several months.

Since then Fred has collaborated and performed with many key Canadian Country artists such as Beverley Mahood, John Landry and Diane Chase and along the way has garnered a prestigious Canadian (SOCAN) songwriting award.

Fred is busy writing and preparing for an upcoming solo record while his current collaborative project “Songs and Songwriters” finds him teamed up with Kenny Munshaw and Steve Hogg, a remarkably gifted pair of musicians that share his deep love of music and life.

Steve Hogg

Steve Hogg

Born in England, Steve came to Canada at just four years of age. As a teenager he was inspired, as many were, by the Beatles and he took up the guitar and bass. He started his first band at 16 and by 22 he was playing and recording in the nationally acclaimed Ian Thomas Band. He recorded and toured with Ian through 7 albums and many North American Tours.

After the Ian Thomas band, Steve joined and became an integral part of the Ronnie Hawkins band touring and recording with him over the next five years. During this time Ronnie recognized Steve’s talent as a songwriter, recording several of his songs. As well he chose to use one of Steve’s songs to feature the band in a movie Ronnie had been asked to perform in.

After Ronnie Hawkins, Steve was kept very busy with studio calls and touring requests by many, including well known artists such as Amy Sky, Larry Gowan and Lace. In the early 90’s, at the request of a long time musical friend, Steve moved to China to help with a special project. The project was a pop rock band named “Chyna” that became wildly successful with a number 1 hit in Taiwan.

Throughout his career Steve has recorded internationally including the cities of New York, London England, Hong Kong and Montreal. But he always returns from touring and other musical projects to call Kitchener his home. He is a long time member of the “Lulu’s Roadhouse Band” and is well known as a gifted studio musician, performer, songwriter and gentleman.

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